Manoa Cottage was founded in 1994 when Sandra Shim transformed her own family residence into an eight-bedroom care home. As the need for care grew, she decided to expand the care home’s capacity. As the adjacent properties became available, she created the 3-cottage care home that exists today. This expansion started as Sandra noticed the “need for good care”. She aimed to provide this with 24-hour care for care home and expanded level residents, while creating a familiar, home-like environment. 

As the level of expanded care grew, so did Manoa Cottage. In 2012, the company opened up Manoa Cottage Kaimuki, their Skilled Nursing Facility, which houses 27 residents. Manoa Cottage Kaimuki specializes in Dementia and Alzheimer’s care and provides expanded care with 24-hour nursing staff. 

“Once I started the business, I got a great sense of satisfaction working with the residents. I consider them my family.” -Sandra Shim

Creating a home-like care environment for the residents at Manoa Cottage and Manoa Cottage Kaimuki has been fulfilling for Sandra as well as her family, which has been involved in growing the company throughout the years. Their goal is to create a loving, safe, and comfortable environment for their residents.

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